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The Ideas Bank created by our Family Support Officers has many fun and enjoyable learning ideas to do at home as a family
Scroll through the content below to find lots of great family engagement resources
Enjoy 🙂


Nature Trail

Why not go for a walk in your local area? Look for different trees and wildlife. Look under stones… what can you find? It’s great way to explore your area as a family

What Birds Are In Your Area?

Take a walk around your neighbourhood, local park or just have a look in your garden, what birds can you spot? Here is a checklist of birds you can find in Wales

Duck Race

Let’s have fun outside, in the puddles or at bath time

If you have some bath ducks / floating animals or straws, set up a race and see who wins!

Jumping Jade Activity Game

Set out equipment for children to jump over in a variety of ways (i.e. ropes, imaginary puddles, cushions, toys)

  • Encourage children to jump and land with both feet and do a variety of shapes in the air
  • Create a jumping path around the house or garden for them to jump around like monkeys / frogs / kangaroos

Pebble Plop Fun Activity Game

Pebble plop is a great game to try throwing various objects at or into various sized targets a set distance away

  • Use different objects in the house as a target such as a bin, shoe box, a mat, hoop etc.
  • Set objects at different distances, in a row, or randomly across a room
  • Use different object to throw such as a ball, sock, rolled up new paper, bean bag etc.
  • Games can be played indoors or outdoors

Crazy Capers

Crazy Capers is fun activity game that can be played indoors and outdoors:

  • Place a range of objects e.g. teddies and dolls, bean bags and quoits, vegetables and fruit etc. on the floor
  • Your child then picks up one object at a time, carrying it and placing it in a designated area/hoop on the other side of the room/garden
  • Return to the start to go again/for next child to go
  • Your child can run, hop, skip, jump, crawl, etc. and move in different ways to get the objects
  • Help children to create a points system based on time to complete, accuracy of sorting, etc.
  • You can also get your child to place the objects in a pram/trolley or cart, then push the pram to a designated area, unload the objects and then return the pram and return to the start

Playing At Home Guide

Playful Childhoods have a Playing at Home Guide, with fun play ideas to allow children learn and grow and have a happy and healthy childhood. Click below for a look

Everyone Likes To Play With Bubbles

Here’s our guide to making bubbles and a bubble wand at home to have fun outside with the family

Let’s Get Wet And Splash In The Muddy Puddles

Puddles are a great way for children to have fun

Simply put on some wellies and a coat, take your little ones out to play in the rain, and find some puddles

Endless fun!

Go Exploring On A Family Treasure Hunt

Click below for a great way to explore your village/area and go on a Square Mile Treasure Hunt

Can you find what’s in your local area? Tick them off as you go along, a great family outing. Enjoy 🙂

Let’s Get Messy! Play Fun With Jelly

For Messy Play with Jelly:

  • Buy or make some jelly
  • Spread the jelly on a tray
  • Hide some objects you have at home in the jelly
  • You can use anything you can find at home e.g. spoon, toys etc.
  • Let your little ones enjoy the texture and help develop their fine motor skills by finding the objects in the jelly


Story Time with Gaynor from Carmarthenshire Libraries

Listen to Gaynor from Carmarthenshire Libraries, telling the story on My Pet Star by Corrinne Averiss and Rosalind Beardshaw (Booktrust Cymru)

My Pet Star is a tale of friendship and learning to let go: a little girl finds a fallen star and playfully nurses it back to health (Click on the photo to access clip)

For more wonderful story time visit Carmarthenshire Libraries Facebook Page @CarmsLibraries

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Author: Giles Andreae Adapted by Huw Ceiriog and Diana Jones

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a great story time book to read to toddlers that you can bring alive

How to paint Gerald the Giraffe

Watch the video below to see a great way to use your hand and paint to create Gerald the Giraffe

Using Your Toys At Home To Bring A Book Alive

How about making story time a bit more exciting by using some toys, food or materials you have around the house that links in with what you’re reading

If age appropriate your child can name the objects or copy you as you name them

A great way to bring stories alive and read with your child


St David’s Day Resources

Here are some St David’s Day (March 1st) great resources, to have fun with your child/children and create homemade Daffodils Cards, print off and colour in the Welsh Flag and create Daffodils with your hands. Click on each photo for the instructions/colourings

St Dwynwen’s Craft Time

Take a look at a St Dwynwen’s Craft Time, which can be used for Valentine’s day, made by Carmarthenshire Libraries

Snowman Craft 

Here is a great snowman craft with some card, paint and pens

Give it a go and enjoy!

Let’s Use Acorns To Practice Counting

During the autumn it’s great to get outside and to look for acorns, you can usually find lots of them!

Collect acorns and use them to help your child learn to count



Take a look at, NHS Wales, Start 4 Life and NHS England for some great weaning tips and Recipes / Meal ideas:

Here are some other links:

Santes Dwynwen Biscuits

Why not bake some tasty biscuits over the weekend to celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen, using this resource (in Welsh) created by Carmarthenshire Welsh Development Team, click here to follow the instructions

Veggie Mix

Using some fridge favourites, from a mix of different vegetables including swede, peas, and carrots, blend to make a baby veggie puree

First Fruit Puree Recipe

A simple weaning recipe to try fruit with your baby for the first time

Recipe For Fridge Leftovers

Do you find that you have lots of leftovers in the fridge? This is a great recipe for fridge leftovers to make for toddlers

Cheesy Pasta With Hidden Vegetables

A quick and simple recipe for the whole family to enjoy

Recipe To Make Pancakes At Home

Everyone loves pancakes… here is an easy recipe to do at home


Easter Crafts

Easter is a great time of year to have fun with crafts, take a look at our craft ideas to make Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs

Once you have made them, place them in the garden to have a great family fun easter egg hunt – Enjoy 🙂

Follow The Line

Using colourful lines, whether you draw them on paper or use chalk outside, draw as many lines at one, and then get an object and follow the lines with the object and see what patterns have been created. Your child can learn their colours at the same time.

Fork Flowers

A great Mother’s Day arts and crafts idea.

Create flowers using paint, a fork and paper/card to make your own Mother’s Day cards. This idea could also be used for birthday cards as well.

Cerdyn Cwtsh Heb Dwtsh – Dydd Santes Dwynwen

Can you create a Cwtsh heb Dwtsh picture or card to send to a friend? Using this resource (in Welsh) created by Carmarthenshire Welsh Development Team, click here to follow the instructions

Get Creative With Colourful Pipe Cleaners

Click Here for a great activity with pipe cleaners and craft your own animals

Nursery Rhymes

Thank you so much for all of this information and your support today, you have been really helpful.
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