Home Safety

Thinking about home safety is an important way to help keep children safe and well. For parents, this means being aware of risks which could cause injuries to children, and then employing strategies to help prevent them. For example using stair gates, keeping medicines in a locked cabinet, or storing dangerous chemicals such as cleaning fluids in high cupboards.

The most important strategy to use in keeping children safe is supervision, or being in close proximity to your child as they play, explore and learn.

Your Flying Start Health Visitor will discuss home safety with you at key contacts, such as when children are starting to move around more (around 6 months), but they may discuss it at any visit. They may also carry out a home safety assessment which means that they will go through a comprehensive list, to help you think about ways that may make your home safer for your child.


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Families in Carmarthenshire are also offered a free home safety check from the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service. They will come and assess the fire risk in your home and will also install a smoke alarm, free of charge. Your Flying start health visitor can make this referral for you, but you can also contact them directly at Home Safety Check.

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