Our Midwifery Team

Midwifery Team

Antenatal Group

Ante natal group
Bathing demonstrations

Bath time demonstration with Sharon

Support Officer bathing demonstration


Our Flying Start Midwifery Service provides the following to parents within the Flying Start area;

  • Preparation for labour, delivery and care of the baby, with one to one support at home and in a group setting.
  • Focusing on emotional health, reducing stress and promotion of early attachment/bonding.
  • Building confidence in attending group settings where they can meet and form friendships with other mums.
  • Encouraging ongoing engagement in other Flying Start courses and groups.
  • We aim to increase breast feeding rates within the Flying Start area by discussing the benefits through Health Promotion.
  • We provide guidance, mentoring and support through pregnancy,and to encourage self esteem and increase confidence.
  • We also discuss promoting health through our sessions , aiming to reduce smoking, increase exercise, and healthy eating in pregnancy
  • We offer emotional support in the postnatal where most mothers feel that having a new baby can be challenging.

Bump, Baby & Beyond

The whole Carmarthenshire team are an asset to us childminders and I know from speaking to other childminders in the UK that they do not have such a fantastic team behind them. I could not recommend this enough for anyone who would like to become a childminder in Carmarthenshire.
Posted by Parent, from Carmarthenshire
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