Children being shown how to brush their teeth
Young children brushing their teeth

Oral Health

Tooth decay is the most common oral disease affecting children in the UK. It can affect the ability to sleep, eat, socialise and even speak. Luckily with good oral care, tooth decay is almost always preventable.

Young children’s teeth are susceptible to decay when they consume sugary foods and drinks. Avoiding sugary foods and brushing teeth regularly with a fluoride toothpaste, made especially for young children, will help to prevent tooth decay. Brushing should start as soon as the first tooth erupts and should continue throughout the life course.

Because oral health is so important, Flying Start Health Visitors work with the Welsh Government funded oral health improvement programme called ‘Designed to Smile’.

Your Flying Start health visitor will discuss oral health and the designed to smile programme with you, but you can also can learn more about it here Designed to Smile

The whole Carmarthenshire team are an asset to us childminders and I know from speaking to other childminders in the UK that they do not have such a fantastic team behind them. I could not recommend this enough for anyone who would like to become a childminder in Carmarthenshire.
Posted by Parent, from Carmarthenshire
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