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Parenting Programmes

Some programmes are especially for parents/carers with new born babies that encourage baby bonding and attachment.

‘Getting to know your Baby’ – for parents/carers with new born babies up to 9 months old. This is a fun and interactive way to learn more about your baby’s development. Sessions are run with a Health Visitor to ensure that you get up-to-date advice and information. Each week there is a different topic such as weaning, home safety, early language, communication and brain development, stories, songs and much more.

‘Developmental Baby Massage’ – for parents/carers with babies from 8 weeks old. Sessions help parents to learn about relaxation and basic massage techniques in order to help with sleep, ease colic and wind and soothe your baby.

As children grow – further programmes are available, these support parent’s /carer’s confidence in handling children’s behaviour by using positive parenting strategies and creating positive approaches to build healthy relationships with our children.

‘Incredible Years Toddler Programme’   (Webster Stratton) – for parents/carers with toddlers aged 1-3 years.  These are informal sessions that cover lots of different topics such as toddler development and include  helping toddlers with learning to share and emphasise the importance of praise to increase positive behaviours as well as how to deal with tantrums.

‘Handling Children’s Behaviour’ – for parents/carers  with children aged 1-3 years. Sessions help to find new ways of communicating with children by using positive parenting strategies to manage unwanted behaviours. These can help encourage cooperation in our children. This course also offers parents an opportunity to gain an Agored accreditation.

Family Links Nurture Programme’ – for parents/carers with children aged 1-3 years. These sessions promote emotional health and mental wellbeing, and can help us as parents to understand anNuture Programme Groupd manage feelings and behaviour positively. In order to build nurturing relationships. This course also offers parents an opportunity to gain an Agored accreditation.

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for all your work on FIS Carmarthenshire Website. I'm working on pulling together some information for a local initiative to educate children and teens on the consequences of drugs and alcohol. I'm working on preparing a pamphlet, and I've learned a lot from your page. I noticed that you had some really great resources. Well done!
Posted by Parent, from Carmarthenshire
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