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Young Carers and Young Adult Carers

Young Carers are children or young people aged under 18 who look after someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, poor mental health or issues with substance misuse. They may be taking on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that an adult would normally do.

Young carers aged between 16 and 25 are often called young adult carers.

Young Carers Services in Carmarthenshire

There are a few services that support young carers living in Carmarthenshire.  All services offer individualised support based on the needs identified by young people in an assessment.  This can include: 1-1 support, peer group support and/or advocacy.  We can also help to identify support for the person that you care for.

Contact details:

If you are under 18 and care for a parent or guardian

Carmarthenshire Young Carers Service Tel: 01554 742630/ 07812475470


If you are under 18 and care for a sibling

Carmarthenshire Educational Years Service Tel: 0300 0200 002


If you are aged 18 to 24 years and are in a caring role

Carmarthenshire Young Adult Carer service Tel: 0300 0200 002


If you are aged 25+ and are a carer

Carmarthenshire Carers Information Service Tel: 0300 0200 002


Carmarthenshire Coronavirus Carers Update

Carmarthenshire Young Carers Service supports children and young people who provide a caring role to a parent / family member.

For Information, Advice, Support Contact: 01554 742630   (or text 07812 475470) or E-mail:

  • Does your parent / family member have a physical or learning disability, a terminal illness or mental health or drug/alcohol problem?
  • Are you worried about this or don’t know what to do?
  • Do you feel lonely, angry, depressed or fed up?
  • Do you find it hard to keep up with your school work?
  • Do you feel you need any other support?

At Carmarthenshire Young Carers’ Service there is someone who you can talk to who understands; can link you with other young people in the same situation and can talk to you and your parent/family member about other people who can help.  Support offered includes focused 1-1 support, peer group support, advocacy and referrals on to other agencies for any family member.

Young Carers ID Cards

Young Carers living in Carmarthenshire can apply for an ID card that they can use to prove that they are a young carer.  This could be useful in school/college, at GP appointments, in pharmacies and so on.  We are working on trying to get additional benefits to having the card, such as discounts in some places.

Data Protection

Please make sure you answer all of the required questions and sign the form below before sending it to us. All forms with missing information will be sent back to you to be completed. This will delay your application.

Carmarthenshire County Council will use the data included in this form for the purpose of issuing a Young Carers ID card.  The information will not be used for other purposes and will not be shared with other organisations.  Anonymised data will be shared with Welsh Government for statistical purposes.  By submitting this application, you agree for the information to be used in this way.

If you would like more information about how Carmarthenshire County Council processes data, please see our privacy notices at

Applying for a Young Carer Card

Before applying for a Young Carer Card, please read the terms and conditions and information below.

Terms and conditions

  • The Young Carer Card is provided to unpaid Carers age 18 and under who live in Carmarthenshire or who help care for someone who lives in  Carmarthenshire.
  • Carmarthenshire County Council may occasionally ask the Young Carer or parent/ guardian to provide information or evidence of the Young Carer’s caring role, such as a letter from a doctor, school or other appropriate supporting evidence.
  • The Young Carer Card is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. It is the parent/ guardian’s or Young Carer’s responsibility to apply to Carmarthenshire County Council Carers Unit to renew the card.
  • Use of the card is subject to these terms and conditions.
  • If a Young Carer’s caring role has ended, the parent/ guardian or Young Carer must notify Carmarthenshire County Council of the change. The Young Carer may carry on using the card for a further 3 months then the card must be returned to Carmarthenshire County Council.
  • Young Carer Cards are issued with photographic identification, a reference number and an expiry date. The Young Carer Card is used for identification purposes and should only be used by the card holder in conjunction with any discount or service offered.
  • Carmarthenshire County Council reserve the right to change the appearance and conditions of the Young Carer Card or withdraw the Young Carer Card scheme at any time.
  • If the Young Carer Card is lost or misplaced, please contact Carmarthenshire County Council on 01554 742630 and a replacement card can be issued. There may be a small charge for issuing replacement cards.
  • Carmarthenshire County Council reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. If we do so, we will notify you in writing at least 30 days before making any such changes, providing details of the changes made.

Card Options

You can choose the background image on the card from the 6 set images below or you can send your own background image to be used on the card. Please note your choice in the form below.



Using your own image (Guidelines)

If you wish to send us your own image for your identity card, please provide a good quality photo (head & shoulders) of yourself to be used on the card. The picture can be taken on a phone or other device.

You can email a photo to: or post to: Carmarthenshire Young Carers Service Ty Elwyn Town Hall Square Llanelli SA15 3AP

If posting a photo, please write your name and date of birth on the back of the photo.

The photo should:

  • be a recent colour photo
  • be of you alone (no other people or pets)
  • be taken against a pale background
  • show you facing forwards with your head and shoulders in the photograph show your full face
  • show you in the centre of the photograph
  • if you wear glasses, show your eyes clearly and avoid glare on the lenses

Please be aware of the following restrictions:

  • do not wear a hat or head cover unless for medical or religious reasons
  • do not do not submit a photo with red eye
  • do not submit a photo where you are in the distance or there are other people visible
  • do not submit inappropriate or obscene images
  • do not submit a photo in which you have edited to altered your appearance or which has had a filter applied to it
  • do not submit an image of someone else or copyright protected images

Young Carer Details

MM slash DD slash YYYY
What is their main language(Required)
What language do they want emailed information to be in?
What language do they want posted information to be in?
What language do they want to use when speaking?

Caring role

How many people do they help care for?(Required)
Who do they help care for?(Required)

Young Carer Services

Do they receive currently (or have previously received) support from any of the following services:
If not, would you like further information on the services above

If the young carer is under 16 years old, we will need to contact a parent/ guardian to get their consent for the Young Carer Card application

If the young carer is 16 or over, please give details of an adult that we can contact about the application if needed. The person could be a parent/guardian or a professional who is aware of the caring role


How your Young Carer Card will look

You can choose the background image on the card from the 6 set images shown on the young carers webpage or you can send your own background image to be used on the card.

Please select 1 option from the list below
I want to use my own background image (see instructions on young carers webpage)

Please sign and date form

MM slash DD slash YYYY

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