The Carmarthenshire Family Information, Childcare and Play team provides Play Training each term which is available to all (including non registered settings).

For play training opportunities please contact the Family Information Service on


If you love having fun with children and enjoy being active, playwork could be the job for you. Playworkers plan, organise and take part in play and leisure activities. They work at places such as breakfast clubs, after school clubs, play buses, holiday play schemes and open access play provision.

The work includes being involved in activities from arts and crafts, cooking, drama, outdoor games and taking children on outings. The job will normally include:

  • Planning activities with the children
  • Providing spaces, equipment and resources for play
  • Give children freedom to play in their own way
  • Encourage fair and caring behaviour
  • Talking to children about concerns and worries
  • Dealing with injuries and emergencies
  • Talking with parents/carers and sometimes other professionals
  • Keeping records

Playworkers may work full or part time, most of playwork is in the evening, at weekends and during school holidays. There may not be a need for any formal qualifications to start as a playworker, but employers are likely to want to see some experience (paid or voluntary) of working with children/young people. It is possible to gain experience through a number of ways, for example by volunteering at a primary school, after school club holiday scheme….

There is also the option of attending a college course to gain some skills and knowledge, such as a level 2 Award or Certificate in Playwork. A First Aid Certificate may also be useful.

As a qualified and experienced playworker there are foundation degrees that can lead to degrees in related areas such as early childhood studies or child development.

The skills and attributes required are:
Listening, basic skills, understanding of children’s behaviour and development, observation, creativity, flexibility, team working, organisation, good sense of humour, energy, caring, patient, tolerant, common sense, kind, open minded, sensitive, tactful, non judgemental, honest, empathetic and energetic.

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