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Tim Camau Bach, the Small Steps Team is part of the Families First Programme for disabled children and their families.

We understand that children who have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments can face challenges in their lives which can impact upon them and their family.

Tim Camau Bach – Early Help Team supports disabled children, young people and their families. We are a time limited early intervention team. We aim to provide the right support and the right time.

Please click on links below regarding specific resources that you may find useful

Behaviour Support

thumbnail of CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR 2020 edition  thumbnail of Tips for Cooperation  thumbnail of Tips for Transitions  thumbnail of Tips for Calming Down


Anxiety Support

thumbnail of Managing Anxiety thumbnail of Toolbox  thumbnail of Tips for Anxiety


thumbnail of Pandemics-and-the-Coronavirus

Sleep Support

thumbnail of Sleeping Tips thumbnail of SLEEP-TIPS-FOR-TEENAGERS

Sensory Support

thumbnail of Session Plan for Home Activities Balance and Movement   thumbnail of Play Ideas for the Home the Proprioceptive Sense   thumbnail of SP – Hearing 2020 EDITION   thumbnail of SP – SMELLING AND TASTING 2020 edition   thumbnail of SP – TOUCH 2020 edition   thumbnail of SP – THE VISUAL SENSE 2020 edition  thumbnail of sensory diet – activities

Sibling Support

thumbnail of sibling support thumbnail of Sibling Support Poster

Weekly News/Activities

thumbnail of Photography Competitionthumbnail of Easter activities

thumbnail of Arts and Craft Competition  thumbnail of Tips for Interaction and Play  thumbnail of Lets have fun!  thumbnail of Fun Activities 05-05-20thumbnail of handwriting tips  thumbnail of Outdoor Play Handout_

thumbnail of Rainy days activities

Continence Support

thumbnail of 2 year leafletthumbnail of A4-Understanding-getting-ready-for-toilet-training thumbnail of A5-Talk-about-going-to-the-toilet  thumbnail of bladderandbowelchart

Self Care and Hygiene

thumbnail of Tips for getting dressed  thumbnail of Tips for Hair Washing  thumbnail of Tips for Bathing

Food and Diet

thumbnail of Tips for Eating Issues

An excellent service – keep up the good work. Thanks.
Posted by Parent, from Carmarthenshire
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