Baby Babble

Baby Babble Group

Baby Babble Group
Baby playing with a mirror at baby babble
Baby playing at baby babble
Baby Babble
Baby babble group
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Early Language Service

Flying Start Speech, Language and Communication Service

Learning to talk is a vital part of babies and children’s early growth and development. Communicating and talking regularly to your baby from birth (and during pregnancy), and offering them a wide range of stimulating activities, will help a child’s talking develop fully, to help them learn, thrive and be ready for school.



What do the Speech & Language Team do?


The Flying Start Speech and Language Therapy Service offers support to parents to encourage early stimulation, promoting speech, language and communication with their new born babies and toddlers. ‘Learning to Talk’ key messages are promoted to all Flying Start families and Baby Babble groups, which move around the county, are available to parents of babies aged 0-9 months.

Speech and Language Therapy is also available for Flying Start families and their children on a one to one basis in their homes, where children have been identified by their Health Visitors as having delayed language. Four week Adult Child Interaction packages can be offered, working with parents to adapt their interaction skills so that they can support their child who is learning to talk on a daily basis. Along with this, six week targeted speech & language programmes can be delivered in the home or nursery and provide parents with advice and activities to continue with their child.

Tiny Tips to Talking


Please talk to your Health Visitor or telephone 01554 742447 to see if you are eligible for any of these free services.

Thanks for this information. Brilliant service from FIS Carmarthenshire! Da iawn’
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